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Landlord Success class followup

We had another great class last week. But, boy was it cold outside! For this class, there are a lot of materials that I did not print out for the class, that I still want you to have. I have them posted to OneDrive. First, here are the slides from the class: And here is…

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Real Estate Investing 300 – Landlord Success

Whether you are an experienced landlord, new to real estate, or just starting to invest, this class will help make sure your experience is financially and personally rewarding. Learn how to find and keep good tenants and how to legally get rid of bad tenants. This class is the last one in a series. Take…

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The myth of the midnight clogged toilet

Its amazing how many times I’ve heard this from a potential landlord “I don’t want to unclog toilets at midnight!”   Its a common myth that landlords have to deal with emergencies such as these in the middle of the night. It is true that you might have to deal with some emergency in the middle…

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Check out the videos from our Landlord 101 class

Several times a year we teach a live Landlord 101 class. In the class, we introduce the students to basic concepts that will help them be successful landlords. We recorded the fall class and are posting it to our site as a series of short videos. The first five videos are now posted.  Each one…

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