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Helping Clients Buy, Sell, Lease and Invest in Real Estate

Tellus Real Estate Solutions, LLC is committed to helping you make informed and rewarding decisions when you are looking to buy, sell, lease or invest in residential or commercial real estate. We can assist you with traditional seller and buyer representation, commercial landlord and tenant representation, as well as commercial real estate property management services.

Tellus is also a great choice when you need less traditional help. We are an "indie" or boutique real estate firm. We are not affiliated with a big-box or franchised brokerage firm where agents and clients are viewed as a statistic or number. We offer a more personal, one on one experience with a focus on quality. Our brokers are free to tailor their services to better meet your unique real estate needs, offering a more specialized choice of expertise, knowledge, information and customization.

We use the most current tools and technology to educate and empower our clients

We are pleased to offer you valuable tools and resources that will educate and empower you when it comes to navigating real estate processes and making decisions. Should you choose to work with us, we will guide you through the real estate process using innovative technology and tools (such as our Income and Expense Tracker and Rental Cash Flow Analysis Worksheet), proven analysis techniques, and the most current market data. In addition, we use technology services such as social media and blogs to provide you with the latest real estate news and updates, as well as hosting adult education classes that teach the fundamentals to the first time real estate buyer, seller or investor.

We offer personalized consulting services to fit your needs

Since each person is as unique as their needs, we also provide consulting services designed to meet real estate transaction needs that might not fit within our traditional service offerings. This way we are able to provide you with more personalized service by tailoring an experience that works specifically for you.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a residential property, begin by reading the overview on the Buying Process or Selling Process pages of our website. If you’re a landlord looking to lease a commercial property, you’ll want to peruse the Landlord page. And if you're looking to buy or sell a commercial property, visit the Commercial Buyer or Commercial Seller pages of our website. Regardless of your real estate needs, you’ll find beneficial tools, resources and information that you need to make informed decisions. When you’re ready, contact us and we’ll develop and execute a strategy that will deliver desired results for you.

Why Tellus?

Although it makes for an interesting “double entendre”, Tellus doesn’t refer to Tell Us Real Estate. Rather, Tellus is the name for the ancient Roman earth mother goddess. Another name for Tellus is Tellus Mater, or Mother Earth. Since real estate is essentially the earth, we chose this name as it appropriately reflects our passion for all things real estate.

About our team

Meet our team members on the broker roster page.

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