Request a Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO)/Broker’s Opinion of Value (BOV)

If you would like to request a valuation of your commercial real estate property, use this form to order a Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO), also known as a BOV (Broker’s Opinion of Value).*

You might also use this form to request that Tellus Real Estate Solutions provide you with a list of recently sold and active listings of comparable properties so that you’ll have a better idea what your commercial real estate property is worth in relation to the competition. Sign up for our mailing list here to receive a free BPO.

  • 1. Property Information

  • 2. Property Features

    Use this optional section to provide us with a description of the property and its features for valuation
  • List any features of the property you feel positively affect the value of the property. You may add as many items you want.
  • Please list any issues or property aspects that you feel negatively affect the value of the property. You may add as many items as you want.
  • Please provide the projected gross income for the next year, before vacancy allowances or credit losses.
  • Please provide the operating expenses for next year.
  • Please upload a picture of the property.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
  • Please tell us any other details you think are important in valuing your property.
  • 3. Billing Information

    Please use this section to provide additional contact information if you wish us to bill you. Tellus Real Estate Solutions will notify you if we will bill you after services are provided.
  • Please choose one of the pre-defined BPO service options or select Custom quote to ask Tellus Real Estate Solutions to contact you if you are special needs.
  • Total amount to be charged via PayPal

*A Broker’s Price Opinion is not an appraisal. A Broker’s Price Opinion should not be used to obtain financing. Only a licensed appraiser may provide you an actual appraisal.

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