Are tenants responsible for anything?

Most of the emphasis in classes for new or prospective landlords, including our own Landlord 101, is on the responsibilities of the landlord.  Most of the Washington State Residential Landlord Tenant Act is aimed at telling the landlord what their responsibilities are, and what the rights of tenants are.

But, the law does say what some of the tenants responsibilities are.  Its not a lot and its mostly common sense.  Here are a few of the items:

Keep the premises he or she occupies clean and sanitary

Properly use and operate appliances used by landlord

Don’t engage in activities on the premises that are illegal or hazardous to others

Restore the unit to its original condition less wear and tear.

There are a few more and we review them, and a few of the landlord’s responsibilities in this video. It was recorded during our last Landlord 101 class.

Landlord 101 – Landlord and tenant responsibilities


Good luck and good landlording!

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