Real estate brokerage careers at Tellus Real Estate Solutions, LLC

Tellus Real Estate Solutions is looking for experienced real estate brokers and teams to join our firm. Our virtual office solution is designed to provide you with the core services you need and none of the unnecessary distractions of a brick and mortar office.

What is the cost to you to become a Tellus Real Estate broker?

Tellus Real Estate Solutions has two simple plans for brokers that wish to join our firm. Like all aspects of the real estate business, everything is negotiable.  If you are confident that you are able to make a good business case for a custom arrangement, we would love to discuss your ideas. For most brokers, we think our standard plans provide a great deal for everyone involved.

Managing Brokers' plan:

Our Managing Brokers' compensation plan is designed to reflect your education, experience, and ability to operate independently. We also want to reward you when you choose to supervise other brokers.

  • $1000/year or $100/month office fee
  • 90%/10% commission split
  • 10% of the commission from any broker you supervise

Broker/Agents' plan

This compensation plan is designed to be simple and straightforward. There are no hidden fees or cost. We want you to feel the freedom and motivation to go out and grow your business.

  • $1000/year or $100/month office fee
  • 80%/20% commission split

Agent services provided by Tellus Real Estate Solutions

Tellus provides you the following services and support and no additional cost to you:

  • Toll free office number and extension with
    • Incoming lead routing
    • Voicemail to email
    • Fax to email
  • State of the art website with the following features:
    • Lead sign-up and search management
    • Lead routing
    • Agent bio and roster pages
    • NWMLS and CBA IDX Feeds
    • Listing syndication
  • Cloud-based back office with online document submission and storage
  • Company provided email
  • Web-based Word, Excel, Office programs
  • Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance 100% paid by the office
  • Workers compensation insurance 100% paid by the office
  • B&O taxes 100% paid by the office
  • HUD registered brokerage
  • Office signs
  • Discounts on training

Services you don’t pay for

Here are some of the typical office services and infrastructure that you won’t pay for at Tellus Real Estate Solutions:

  • No mandatory office or sales meetings
  • No big, empty conference rooms
  • No outdated computer equipment and copy machines
  • No front desk hours
  • No receptionist

Real Estate Broker Success factors

What does it take to be a successful real estate broker at Tellus Real Estate Solutions?  If the following characteristics describe you, then we think you will be successful working with us:

  • You love real estate: the properties, the people and the business
  • You are committed to providing great customer service
  • You are independent, self-motivated, and committed to taking charge of your own success
  • You are committed to the success of the team and willing to help other brokers in the company when they need help
  • You are very comfortable using computers, e-mail, and technology in general
  • You have your own home-office equipped with:
    • Internet access
    • Computer
    • Scanner
    • Printer
    • Cell phone