According to CBA information, there have been 3 commercial property sales in the Everett market area (CBA area 310) since June 1 of this year.

As comparison, during the same period last year 18 properties sold.  Additionally, as a general rule, the value of each sale is far lower than in the previous year.

From the beginning of 2009 until June 1, there were 9 commercial property sales in the area.

Here is the list of properties sold since June:

Property Name/Addr Sale Date List Price Sale Price
128th Street Retail Plaza   8/20/09   $2,660,000    $2,358,143  
927 Medical Center   6/23/09   $1,660,000    $1,425,000  
AM/PM Mini Mart & Gas   8/5/09     $800,000  

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