Preparing to move to your new home

When buying a new home, there is usually not a large amount of time between mutual acceptance and closing. Typically its 30-45 days. You should start getting ready for the move as soon as possible. Here are some tips for getting ready for a successful move:

Don’t commit too early: If you have several contingencies, like an inspection, you may want to hold off on putting deposits down on moving trucks, for example, until after the contingencies are satisfied. This is going to depend a lot on timing, so just avoid committing to big expenses where you can’t get your money back if the sale is delayed or does not close.

Start packing early: Begin packing early and take your time. It’s much less stressful if you are not in a rush. Start with items that you use infrequently or won’t use for a while: seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, your fine china, etc. Starting early will also help you stay organized and give you time to acquire extra packing materials if you run out. Keep out your coffeemaker and other daily use items as long as possible. Pack them up at the last minute and mark the boxes clearly. Then you can unpack them first thing in your new place.

Time for a yard or garage sale: This is a good time to have a go at getting rid of ‘stuff’. The less stuff you have to move, the less it will cost to move it. Depending on your new place, your current furniture may not fit or may not be the right style. Have a garage sale or take unwanted items to a charity.

Have a party: Don’t forget to say good-bye to your neighbors and friends that you are leaving. This is especially important if you are moving far away. Take a day for a barbeque or an evening for a final open house.

Reserve movers/moving equipment: Reserve moving equipment or schedule the movers. Arrange things early to avoid last minute stress.

Schedule post closing work: Get bids and schedule any work such as painting and repairs at your new house for immediately after closing. Arrange to have all of the locks changed and to have the utilities put in your name.

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