Tellus Real Estate NWMLS Advanced Search

The Tellus Real Estate Solutions Advanced Search page for residential properties contains a large number of fields you can use to configure a customized search. With so many fields, it can be a bit bewildering just what they mean and how to use them.  We’ve provided a reference  list of the fields available on the Tellus Real Estate Solutions Advanced Search page with a short explanation for how each is used. Just keep in mind that only a few fields are required by the Northwest MLS, so there is a good chance that there will be at least one property where the data isn’t provided. It is really up to the listing agent to provide complete and accurate information about each property and unfortunately, not everyone is as diligent as they should be.

A subset of the fields are used on the Basic Search page, and a few show up on the map search.

The Search field definitions link appears under the Residential search tools menu on all the Search pages and all the Residential buyer pages of our site.  Take a look at our Advanced Search page and let us know if you find the field explanations helpful.

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