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We had another great class last week. But, boy was it cold outside!

For this class, there are a lot of materials that I did not print out for the class, that I still want you to have. I have them posted to OneDrive.

First, here are the slides from the class:

And here is a peak at the current foreclosures available in Snohomish County:

Next, here is a link to the folder containing all the handouts (and non-handouts):

Here is what you’ll find in that folder:

  • Landlord101.pptx – The slides from the class (same thing ones you see above) – You can probably guess that I sometimes call this class ‘Landlord 101’
  • Handouts.docx – This is a ‘soft copy’ of the printed document in the folder you received in class
  • LTServices.pdf – This is an explanation of the Eviction process from LT Services, the eviction service I mentioned in calss. Be sure to check their website for more good info on evictions.
  • FairHousingWordList.pdf – This is a list of possible ‘gotcha’ words to look for when advertising your property. Remember this simple rule, focus on ACTIONS (no smoking), not PEOPLE (no smokers).
  • Tenant Selection Criteria.docx – This is a soft copy of the tenant selection criteria document in your folder. This is a copy of what I use when I look for tenants. Keep in mind that I have not had to find a new tenant in a few years, so review and make sure it meets your current needs before YOU use it.
  • Sample lease documents – There are several PDFS that are samples of lease documents provided by the Rental Housing Association (RHA). If you own a rental or expect to do so soon, I recommend you join RHA. The can provide either printed versions of forms, or access to versions you can fill out online and print. Here is a quick list of the samples:
    • RHA_Sample_Lease.pdf – This is a sample of the main lease, filled in with example information
    • RHA_Sample_Smoking.pdf – Example Smoke Free Addendum (no smoking rule)
    • SAMPLE_crimefree_addendum.pdf – Example Crime Free Addendum (no breaking the law rule)
    • SAMPLE_military.pdf – Example addendum to use when you have military tenants. They can break the lease if they get redeployed.
    • SAMPLE_RHA_Mold.pdf – Example of the Mold Addendum that is required by state law – Has nothing to do with you actually having mold.
    • SAMPLE_RHA_petaddendum.pdf – Example of Pet Addendum to use if you accept pets.
    • SAMPLE_RHA_smokedetector.pdf – Example of a required addendum – Warns tenants not to disconnect smoke detectors.

Attorney info

I mentioned Chris Benis in class. I can’t say enough good things about him. He is great. Ok, he is also not cheap. But, don’t expect a really good attorney to be cheap. Here is a link to his web page.

Good luck with your future rentals and tenants!