Tellus Real Estate Solutions will help you sell your home

Tellus Real Estate Solutions is a full-service real estate brokerage firm.  After you have met with several agents and brokerage firms, take some time to compare what each of them truly offers. We believe that most brokerage firms have similar tools and services they are able to provide, however, not all agents use those tools effectively.  The difference at Tellus Real Estate Solutions is in our focus. At Tellus, we provide our services honestly, with total transparency and most importantly, with our clients’ best interests in mind. Below is a list of the services that we provide to home sellers:

Services for home sellers

Comparative market analysis: Tellus Real Estate solutions provides Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and Broker Price Opinion (BPO) services to a variety of lenders and their service providers. We use those same professional guidelines to provide you an analysis of the market value of the home your wish to sell. You set the asking price for your home. Tellus Real Estate Services is here to advise you.

Pre-sale home review and staging consultation: We will conduct a walk-through with you as part of our market value analysis. We will provide you with a list of recommendations for steps that you should take to increase the value of your property or increase its marketability. We’ll let you know what we believe the buyer response will be to each of our recommendations. Based on your needs, Tellus Real Estate Solutions will also provide an in-house home staging consultation as part of the pre-sale home review, or we will work with you to hire a professional staging consultant. In some cases, we may even recommend bringing in a professional interior designer.

Sales marketing: Marketing your home is our number one service. We use a variety of techniques for marketing your home, with internet-based marketing as a primary feature of each marketing plan.  Tellus Real Estate Solutions provides a customized marketing plan for each client using the techniques mentioned in our  Marketing your home to get offers topic.

Weekly market and activity reports: Tellus Real Estate Solutions will provide you with weekly market reports that outline the marketing and “showing” activity for your property. We also provide you with updates on the local real estate market, including homes which have sold that are located in the same area as yours.

Presentation and review of all offers: Washington State law requires that all written offers be presented to you, the seller. At Tellus Real Estate Solutions, we also present you with a summary of any verbal offers or inquiries about your property. Each offer will come to you with a Sellers Proceeds from Sale estimate, so you know what the numbers mean for your bottom line.

Offer negotiation: Tellus Real Estate Solutions will help you negotiate the offer. We’ll provide recommendations as to how to counter, and what to counter, on each buyer’s offer, utilizing reliable market data to back up our recommendations.

Monitoring of buyer due diligence process and escrow: Tellus Real Estate Solutions will provide you with a transaction schedule so that you know when a deadline is approaching, whether it is your deadline or the buyer’s. We’ll follow up with the buyer, their agent, title, and escrow officers to make sure things stay on track. When problems occur,  we’ll advise you on the best way to deal with them. As part of closing, we will review the HUD-1 statement with you to make sure the terms of the contract are reflected in the numbers.

Other services: Tellus Real Estate Services is a flexible real estate brokerage firm. We are ready to work with you to identify any other services you might need. We also have a database of service providers that we are happy to recommend for:

  • Home warranties
  • Vendor discounts on moving, storage and housekeeping
  • Professional services recommendations for attorneys and CPAs

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