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What MLS fields can I search?

The Tellus Real Estate Solutions Advanced Search pages contains a large number of fields you can use to configure a customized search. The following is a list of the fields available on the Tellus Real Estate Solutions Advanced Search page. Most properties will have the information completed if applicable. However, only a few fields are required by the MLS, so there is a good chance that there will be at least one property where the data isn’t provided. It is really up to the listing agent to provide complete and accurate information about each property.

List of available search fields for residential properties

Select an MLS: This field allows you to change the MLS from Northwest MLS (the residential database) to the Commercial Brokers Association (CBA) database. The CBA database uses a different set of fields from those below.

Property Type: This defaults to single family home. You can also select residential rentals, vacant land, farms and ranches, multifamily, manufactured homes in parks, commercial properties or businesses opportunities for sale.  Typically, the NWMLS is not the best database for finding commercial, multifamily, or business opportunities however they are allowed to list them.

Select type of Single Family Residential: You can use these check boxes to limit the search to either a stand-alone home (residential) or condominium. If you select neither, both will be included in the search.

Select by City/County/Zip Code: Limit search results to specific cities, counties or even zip codes. This works for all properties. Select the filter you wish to use and use the City Name, County Name or Zip Code list box to choose the appropriate area you want to search.

Low price / High price: Enter prices into either of these boxes to focus the search on homes only within a particular price range. You may want to go a little above and below your exact target to capture those that fall just outside. Not all homes prices end in “zero”.

Bedrooms / Bathrooms: Select values from these drop-down lists to further narrow your search to only homes that have at least a certain number of bedrooms or bathrooms.

Max Days Listed: Enter a number to find homes listed after a specific number of days in the past.  This allows you to search for recently listed homes. Always available. It is possible for a property to appear as new listing that really isn’t, but as a rule this is accurate.

Min Sq Ft: Enter a number to find homes that have at least this much square footage of space. As a general rule, this should not include unfinished basements or garage space.

Sort By: This field allows you to tell the search tool to sort the results by lowest price first, or highest price first.

Neighborhood: Use this list to find homes only located in specific neighborhoods. Its not a required field by the NWMLS, so it is possible the listing agent did not provide this information. In that case, if you use this field, you may miss a few homes.

School District and Schools: Use these filters if a specific school district or specific school is important to you. Unfortunately, it is common for this to not be provided by the listing agent. However, when a home is in a desirable school district, it usually has been added.

Building Condition: Use this field if the condition of the building is important to you. Most commonly used when avoiding “fixer-upper” homes. However, this information is not always provided by the listing agent.

Site Features: Use this field to find homes with certain desirable features on the property such as basketball or tennis courts, or barns and equestrian facilities. Again, this information is not always provided by the listing agent.

Community Features: These are features that are shared by a community or neighborhood. Some of the more interesting features are private airstrips or boat launches. You can also search for neighborhoods that have Home Owner Associations (HOAs) / CCRs. This information may not have been provided by the agent.

Environmental Cert: This field allows for searching for properties that have some ‘green’ certification. It is not required, but because it is specialized, properties to which this feature applies usually have this information provided.

Homeowner Dues: Use this field to limit the search to properties that have HOA dues in a specific range. Condominiums and newer developments almost always have homeowners dues. This will affect affordability. This information will usually be provided by the listing agent, but not always.

Fireplaces: Use this field to search for properties with fireplaces. This may not have been provided by the agent.

Pool: Use this field to search for properties with pools, including specific kinds of pools, or in communities with pools. May not have been provided by the agent.

Roofing: Use this field to search for homes with roofs of certain materials or styles. For example, flat roofs are often problematic in areas with a lot of rain, so some people will want to avoid them. Usually provided by the agent, but not always.

Remarks Contact: This field allows for searching for specific terms or phrases in the public remarks sections. There are almost always public remarks (but not always) but there is no way to tell what is in them. Remarks are often a better way to search than specific fields for features. The search will find properties using any of the words you enter.

Property Status: Allows you to search for only “Active” properties (not under sales contract), or for properties that have an offer accepted. Searching for properties that are under contract can be worth it when looking for hard-to-find properties or to see what kinds of prices are attracting buyers. Some statuses are more likely than others to return to active, such as “Pending Short Sale” or “Contingent“.

Open House: Use this field to search for properties that are being shown during a public open house. Obviously, not all properties will have an open house scheduled and the listing agent may not have updated this field when  at the time they schedule one.

FHA/VA Approved: Use this field primarily when looking at condominiums. If you are looking at condominiums and have an FHA or VA loan, select Yes to limit results to those that are already approved, because if they are not, you may not be able to secure a loan for the property. The listing agent may not have included this information or they may not have verified the information prior to adding it.

Bank owned: Use this field to find bank or government owned property (foreclosures). This is almost always accurate.

3rd Party Approval Required: Use this to include, or exclude short sales or other situations requiring a third party party approval for the sale. Bankruptcy is a good example of a non-short sale that might require a third party approval. There are MLS rules for marking this, so it is usually accurate.

Waterfront – Use when looking for waterfront properties. Select that type of waterfront you are looking for. It may not always be be accurate. But, because waterfront property is typically more valuable, agents will typically update this.

View: Use when looking for properties with a certain view. May not always be accurate as views tend to be objective and the information is not always available, even if the listing offers a view.

Co-op: Use when searching for a co-op, which is similar to a condominium. Infrequently used.

Acres and Lot Sqft: Use these when searching for homes on specific size properties. This information is almost always available. You can specify both minimum and maximum sizes.

SqFt Finished and SqFt Unfinished: Use this field primarily when searching for properties with basements or for opportunities to add ‘sweat equity’. Unfinished SqFt can include basements or other spaces that have potential for adding more usable space. Finished size is almost always available.

Year Built: Use to search field for homes of a certain age. This information is almost always available for a property. It doesn’t tell you if the property has been remodeled however, which would effectively make the age of the home newer.

Architecture: Use this field when searching for a specific architectural style. This may not have been provided by the agent.

Style: Use this field to find homes that have a particular type of floor-plan rather than an architectural style. It allows you to search for one story, two story or other floor-plan types. This is almost always provided.

New Construction: Allows for searching for new construction, including various statuses. This is usually provided for new construction.

There are quite a few other fields that can be made available. If you are having difficulties using the advanced search fields, or if you are hoping to focus your search using different data, please let us know.

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