Hey!  Our website is now up and running.  With a new website comes a new blog (or at least a new home for the blog).  The old blog is still alive at http://activerain.com/blogs/jasonhershey and I will continue to post their for a while, just to provide continuity.  But activeRain is aimed at agents more than real people, and so its long past due that I move to my own site.

I have to say thanks to  Jaime at http://simplyjaime.com/, who has done a great job with design.  She’s also been great at putting up with me during the development process.  We started out with a vaguely worded vision and  Jaime was able to cope with the vagueness in style. Together we came up with what I think is one of the most unique and most user-focussed web-site in the real estate world.

Things are still a bit under construction as I work on fleshing out the content on the site.  But, here is a quick overview of some of our visions in the site design.  Let us know how we did in executing on that vision:

1. User centric – We want our clients, the users of the site, to feel like the site is designed for them.  With that in mind, we’ve divided up the site in to user centers with content specifically aimed at different types of clients: Investors, Commercial sellers, Commercial buyers, Home buyers, Home sellers, Landlords, and Tenants.  Each center has content, tools, links, and news that is focussed on those particular clients.

2. Mobile (table and smart-phone) friendly – We want the site to be easily used by clients on the go. The design is aimed at working well not just on your PC or Mac, but also on your iPad, Win 7 Phone, or Android device.

3. DIY or full-service – This is an ongoing effort and is more about content than design. Still, design has a role in making the site about educating the public, our potential clients, or about it being a pure marketing tool for our services.  At Tellus Real Estate Solutions we feel that while the traditional real estate model serves an important role for many clients, it isn’t the only model. We want our clients to understand the value we provide and feel we can be a great resource for people and businesses that choose to take a more hands-on approach to selling their home, leasing their commercial space, or purchasing an investment.

Over the next few days, I’ll use the blog to give you a guided tour around the site and the features.



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