Where are the for rent signs in the Seattle Central District?

I spent the day with an investor looking at single-family homes for sale in the Central District.  As we were looking at what was for sale, we were also keeping our eyes open for “For Rent” signs, so she could call and check what was available and what other landlords were charging.  Amazingly, we didn’t see any.

Well, so much for my recommendation to new landlords about how to find rental rates!  This made me wonder… why no signs?  Does it mean there are no rentals available in the area, or does it mean landlords don’t like posting signs for some reason?  Perhaps they don’t want vandals to know they have an empty unit?  Are they afraid the Occupy people will occupy their property?  Perhaps they simply have better ways to find tenants.

My experience is that “For Rent” signs are a great way to find potential tenants.  But, Craigslist.com has quickly taken over that role, so perhaps there is no need for signs anymore.  What do you think?  got any ideas?

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