Have apartment sales gone undercover?

Our friends at Dupre + Scott goes into more detail about low number of apartment sales A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that parts of the apartment market seem dead as far as sales go. Have the sales gone into hiding, or maybe they’ve gone undercover. This week the folks and Dupre+Scott give 5…

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What happens if I default on a commercial lease?

Commercial leases are generally much longer than a typical residential lease. The tenant is making a much larger financial commitment. In fact, the financial commitment is so large that new accounting rules were put in place to make sure that financial reporting by public companies reflected this commitment. For details see this NY Times article:…

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Dupre+Scott takes the mystery out of vacancy rates

The fine folks at Dupre+Scott are demystifying vacancy rates this past week. My takeaway from the info they’ve been sharing lately? Smaller units are a better investment than larger one (aka, for multifamily go 1-bedroom, not 3-bedroom). Of course, I’m sometimes accused of oversimplifying things. Check out the video (always entertaining): Patagonia Vs. Apartments from…

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Multifamily update from Dupre+Scott at RHA’s Spring Workshop

On Wednesday before last we helped sponsor RHA’s (http://www.rha-ps.com) Spring Workshop. One of the featured speakers was Mike Scott of Dupre + Scott (www.duprescott.com). This weeks’ update is a summary of his presentation. Check out the article that goes with the video at the Dupre + Scott blog http://www.duprescott.com/productsservices/articleinfo.cfm?ArticleId=606

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