Technology and real estate

Its a new year, time to check your credit report

The new year is a great time to check your credit report if you haven’t done so recently. And, there are now more free ways to track your credit than ever. Government mandated website for requesting your credit report The first way to check your credit report is one we’ve recommended for a long time.  Simply…

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We survived our first audit from DOL

I found out Friday that the Washington State Department of Licensing audits all new real estate brokerages their first year.  I found out because of a phone call from the auditor who was waiting outside my home/office. (Yes, we run the company out of our home. I meet clients at their office, home, at a property they are…

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Email marketing for Vacation properties in Cle Elum

Starting to work on more email marketing. The following email went out to 54,000 recipients (not spam… this was an email list of “double opt-in” recipients). The recipients are supposed to be camping/RV enthusiasts. We had around 1300 people actually read the email and 91 people click links. I’m hoping to improve the response next…

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How to view properties from-out-of-state

Shopping for real estate from a distance can be a real challenge, for both the buyer and the agent. Internet listings don’t always provide an accurate picture of the property.  Some agents manage to make the property look better than the reality. And, sadly enough, some agents manage to make it look worse. More importantly,…

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Day 1 at Tellus Real Estate Solutions – the web site

Hey!  Our website is now up and running.  With a new website comes a new blog (or at least a new home for the blog).  The old blog is still alive at http://activerain.com/blogs/jasonhershey and I will continue to post their for a while, just to provide continuity.  But activeRain is aimed at agents more than real people, and…

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